Create powerful applications, Increase productivity, Reduce risk and development time

AppMill is a code-flexible, rapid application development platform for enterprise developers, BI engineers, DBAs, and power users.

Application Development on Your Terms

Develop no-code, low-code, or full stack applications in both new and existing databases

No-code development

Build sophisticated applications using the platform screen designer and report builder. Maintain access roles and application security with no coding knowledge.

Low-Code Development

Do you know how to use SQL? Build complex applications using the screen and report designers. Add unique customization features by utilizing SQL scripts. Write client-side javascripts to apply on field actions.

Full Stack Development

Fully unlock the features of AppMill by writing custom plugins in server-side JavaScript, PHP, Python, C++, and C#. Utilize the multi-threaded platform to scale vertically. Use service load balancing to scale horizontically. Process large transaction volume with ease.

Full service agency

Serving global leaders to entrepreneurs, we tailor our process based on your scale and structure.

Security & User Access

Content Development

Document Management

Additional Functionality

Administration Functions

Branding Customization

About AppMill

Software development is hard. 60% of software projects fail at some level (Gartner). AppMill is a no-code/low-code platform that makes software development easier, faster, safer, and more cost-efficient.

AppMill has unique positioning as it is the first platform designed to augment software developers, not replace them.  AppMill allows hybrid development with drag-and drop, while also providing a robust full-stack environment in five programming languages.

AppMill Benefits


Build apps using screen designer and report builder


Build applications using the screen designer and report builder, then use SQL scripts and client-side JavaScript for on field actions


Develop plugins in JavaScript, PHP, Python, C++, C#


Process huge transaction volumes while maintaining response time


Include components from anywhere and interlace functions into the service. NPM package manager included with the service.


Work with legacy applications and data to facilitate migration from older technology


Maintain access roles and application security. Group, individual, and field level security filtering.


Oracle, MSSQL, PostgreSQL, MySQL, and SQLite

AppMill Overview Video

What it is, who can use it, how it provides value.

Our Plans

Build applications in environments that fit any organization. AppMill allows you to develop on your terms.