Why AppMill

Feature-rich, developer-centric, cross-platform, rapid application development

Developer-Centric, Multiple Deployment Options

Cross-platform design allows cloud, public marketplace, and on-premise installations.

Built to scale access multiplecores on a single-server, and in a cluster for maximum loadbalancing.

High-functioning security module to ensure professional grade protection.

Developers can use components from any library written in Python, C++, PHP, JavaScript, and C# and integrate them into AppMill applications.

npm package manager integration into service installs. Allows open source packages to be directly integrated into AppMill solutions.

Rapid prototyping with onboard screen designer to foster Agile development.

Report writer to expedite correspondence and extract creation

Core Features

A coding platform designed for seasoned programmers along with features easily used by power users

Flexible pricing with On-premise, aPaaS, private cloud, public cloud offerings

Supports Oracle, MSSQL, MySQL, Postgres, and SQLite databases

Develop enterprise applications 10x faster versus native coding

Code-flexible platform allows no-code, low-code, and full stack coding

Easily create gui, reporting, and custom applications on existing databases

How can AppMill help you?


  • Standardize core-compentencies within the organization
  • Increase productivity of staff at all levels
  • Decrease cost of development
  • Dramatically improve the success probability of new initiatives
  • Encourage rapid prototyping to augment Agile delivery


  • Design cross-platform solutions
  • Utilize On-premise, aPaaS, and Cloud endpoints to maximize flexibility
  • Easily incorporate horizontal and vertical scaling to support high volumes
  • Build solutions on existing databases
  • Incorporate workflow, messaging, and document management into system architecture


  • Develop and debug using native code in five supported languages
  • Utilize on-platform security to maximize data safety
  • Build reports and CRUD screens in minutes instead of days
  • Utilize notification engine to text or email end users

BI Engineers

  • Build GUI applications on top of data stores using only SQL
  • Quickly create customer facing reports and dashboards
  • Make data immediately available for reference using the alias framework


  • Automatically migrate between database architectures
  • Manage database tables
  • Design data relationships to establish table linking

Power Users

  • Rapidly design prototypes with no-code interface
  • Self-manage applications without IT assistance

Our Plans

Build applications in environments that fit any organization. AppMill allows you to develop on your terms.