Create UI, reporting, workflow, document management, web services, and so much more.

Security & User Access

  • Unique security groups to filter access be similar job functions
  • Multi securty filter to mantain authentication differentiation between user types
  • User Access retrictions based on field level security to create sub-grouping
  • Create custom timeout variances based on user profile
  • Create multi-factor authentication login items dynamically
  • Custom SQL security level to prevent sql injection
  • LDAP-enabled to work with Active Directory
  • Document Management (EDMS) access groups to control document provisioning
  • Control extension function access by user or group
  • Screen presentation availability controlled by user or group
  • Control screen builder field display properties by user or group
  • Workflow rights based on user or group
  • Session monitoring available for Admins
  • Filter CRUD(Create/Read/Update/Delete) access by group
  • Create non-secure items via guest login feature
  • SAML/SSO enabled

Content Development

  • Create content for web, desktop, mobile and print
  • Custom menu development to organize screens
  • Screen builder to rapidly create and deploy desired material
  • Create CRUD screens within point-and-click menus
  • Call custom extension functions to extend platform
  • Dynamically create search content to display on application render
  • Weight tabs to determine placement of screens within menu
  • Assign screens to stepper groups to create content pathways
  • Select screen styles with builder tool
  • Direct access to database layer using alias framework
  • Auto-link tables together for easy access
  • Create sections for field edits, tables, and various charts
  • Internationalize field text and tooltips
  • Add custom client-side JavaScript via menu-driven toolset
  • Add buttons and custom graphics
  • Field types: Text, numeric, list, textarea, multi-select list, checkboxes, radio buttons, document uploads, inline searches, label, button, datalist, relational datalist, dependent fields, linked list, tooltips

Document Management

Create document family entries to organize documents

Create document groups to control security to family content

Add annotations



Create process workflows with visual editor


Incorporate notifications to SMS, Chat, Email as supplement to task traverse of workflow


Assign custom extension functions across the routing life of the task

Additional Functionality

  • Create chat/messaging groups with integrated chat functionality
  • Develop reports with QtRPT report writer plugin with data integration directly to AppMill API
  • Build Rest web service APIs with no coding to allow greater access to data
  • Scaling functionality to scale-out and scale-up using multi-threading and built in clustering
  • Build custom notification templates to use within functions for email, SMS, and chat
  • Built in scheduler to allow functions, reports, and screens to be called on a normalized basis
  • Build extension modules and plug-ins using JavaScript, Python, PHP, C#, and C++ to extend the platform
  • Datatrac technology to easily pass data across the platform and into extension modules
  • Database migration tool to transfer data into various databases and cloud databases
  • Develop custom queries to attach to dynamic screen elements and report generation
  • Create database tables from uploaded excel spreadsheets
  • Built in DevOps to allow transition between SaaS, cloud, and on-premise models

Administration Functions

  • Set audit and logging levels to capture activity
  • Management screens to monitor server resource and restarts
  • Alias reload functionality to manage data interpretation
  • Record locking monitoring and removal
  • Perform table schema maintenance from within AppMill

Branding Customization

Custom logos, Custom color scheme, Turn chat on or off & Various menu and icons styles

Our Plans

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